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Careers at Xebia

Data Management Consultant


Data Management Consultant

Xebia Data

At Xebia Data, we empower organisations to harness the full potential of Data and AI. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and success. We are currently seeking a talented Data Management Expert who is passionate about balancing the technical and soft aspects of Data Management. We strongly believe in embedding Data Management within technology, bridging the gap between code and governance. Simultaneously, we recognise that Data Management demands strong change management skills, including the ability to influence and convince people to change their behaviour.

Does this sound like you? 

Do you see the bigger picture when teams and organizations struggle with data? Are you eager to fix problems in a structural way? Maybe you should join our Data Management team and help change this industry for the better. Data management isn't just about GDPR compliance, manual administration or DPO's questioning teams about their data usage. It's about empowering data users, streamlining processes, and leveraging cutting-edge tools to greatly improve the way organizations handle data. Imagine being at the forefront of this transformation! 

At Xebia Data, we empower organizations to harness the full potential of Data and AI. Picture yourself as part of a team that has a technical edge and knows what it's like to work in the trenches. We've been there experiencing top-down data management efforts and their failures and we're ready to make a real difference. If you have experience implementing data management solutions and a burning passion for the field, we’re looking for you.

How will you help

Data Management is not just about data; it's about people, processes, and technology coming together to drive real change. There is no magical tool that will fix your data management problems when users are not engaged or educated. Nor can data management processes be executed properly using excel; automation and user-friendly tooling are strong enablers that can make a significant difference. 

We're not looking for a "perfect" candidate with extensive experience in all three aspects, because we know perfection is rare. What we want is someone who is passionate about data management and has experience in at least one of these aspects. However, a genuine interest in the other aspects is just as vital. It's about gaining a holistic understanding of Data Management and its multifaceted nature. 

We have already enjoyed great success in making the top companies reach Data Management successes. The dot on the horizon is to get a companywide understanding of the data they have and improve how they manage, use, share, and control that data. To get there, however, we follow a use-case driven approach, where each use case delivered contributes to the bigger picture in a tangible way. Just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team! 

What you will do to make organization AI-driven

As a Data Management expert, you will play a crucial role in making organizations AI-driven. You will collaborate with diverse stakeholders to develop and implement effective data management strategies that align with clients' goals. Your expertise will be vocalized as you present and explain these strategies to our clients in various settings.  

Additionally, you will evaluate and recommend data management tools and technologies that enhance data quality, lineage, cataloging, and security. Your guidance will be instrumental in developing and implementing data governance frameworks, policies, and standards to ensure consistent and compliant data management practices. 

To improve efficiency, data quality, and governance, you will assess, design, and optimize data management processes, workflows, and policies. As a leader, you will also spearhead change management initiatives to support clients in adopting data-driven decision-making and fostering a data-centric culture. 

Lastly, you will serve as a trusted advisor to clients, providing insights on data management best practices, industry trends, emerging technologies, and organizational transformation. Your expertise will be invaluable in helping organizations become AI-driven. 

We're not in a rush to hire just anyone; we're looking for the right person to join our team. If you have any time constraints, let Valentina know during your initial chat, and she'll factor that into the process. Apart from this, we know we are not perfect, although we will always strive to be the best in all we do. So, we understand that you may not tick all the boxes either. If you’re interested in the role and feel you can be successful, go ahead and apply! We review every CV and personal introduction we receive, and we'll take it from there. 

This is your dream job if...

  • You think data management is sexy, or at least very important for organisations that truly want to become data-driven.
  • You believe that "garbage in, garbage out" holds true, and you're passionate about enhancing data quality.
  • You enjoy quickly grasping the nuances of organisations and their domains to effectively help them manage their data.
  • You thrive at the intersection of people, data, tools, and processes.
  • You speak Dutch on a B2 level at minimum

This is not your dream job if...

  • You regard DAMA DMBOK as the exclusive source of truth for data management, we are open to challenging and reshaping industry standards.
  • You prefer managing your data catalog using Excel  and manual processes. 
  • You are just beginning your journey in the data management field (a minimum of 3 years of experience is required).
  • You cannot handle friction or deal with reluctant and disengaged data stewards; change management is a crucial aspect of this role.



We organize amazing events; like skiing together or going to Ibiza, dinner and/or theme-parties, sportweeks, our own MUD or TED events… or organize your own event! The sky is the limit.


Training Budget

A real training budget of €5,000, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year


Your Devices and Books

Choose the laptop and phone you want! And on top of that, you can choose new devices every 2 year. You will also have the advantage of an unlimited budget for ordering the books you need to grow as professional.


Conferences and Speaking

Attending and speaking at relevant worldwide conferences doesn’t come out of your vacation time.


Knowledge Sharing

Our Open Kitchens, bi-weekly knowledge exchanges, Innovation Days, frequent tech-rallies, and TED-style conferences, all contribute to exploring and achieving your potential, individually and collectively as Xebians.


Great Community

In addition to internal knowledge sharing, Xebia is also an active player in multiple communities and regularly host, speak, attend, and organize Meetups and conferences. Have an idea for a meetup we should sponsor? Or want to start a new one? You’ve got it. Knowledge sharing is a core value for us.

People First

You grow. We grow. Xebia puts People First, always. With a trust on personal and professional development Xebia provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Sharing Knowledge

The more you share it, the more it grows. With mandatory bi-weekly sessions of Xebia Knowledge Exchange, Xebia ensures a flow of knowledge from country to country, unit to unit and employee to employee.

Customer Intimacy

We build long lasting relationships with our customers and serve them on an equal level.. We work on common goals and trust, by being truly interested in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently.

Quality without Compromise

Be it work, be it personal interactions, be it the surroundings or be it the self, at Xebia 100% is the norm. Because enough is just not enough.