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Careers at Xebia

Inside Sales 


Inside Sales 

Xebia Data

As an inside sales professional, you possess natural networking abilities and possess a sharp intuition for identifying profitable business prospects. Your dynamic personality and entrepreneurial mindset have earned you a reputation for being an energetic, inspiring, and communicative individual who is unafraid to experiment with innovative ideas and is committed to achieving results. You are a proactive individual who is unafraid of reaching out to potential customers via cold-calling, and your focus on driving results is unparalleled.

How will you create value with Data & AI

At Xebia Data, we specialize in empowering businesses to succeed through data and AI. Our primary focus is on establishing robust data and AI practices that provide value to our clients and their end-users, as well as training their internal teams to our high standards. Our team has a track record of developing Advanced Analytics Centers of Excellence, managing scientific and technical teams, and providing training to business prospects and technical staff at major corporations. By becoming part of our inside sales team, you can help us further our mission of driving AI adoption at top companies.

What will you do to drive our sales success

Xebia Data produces a diverse range of content, including whitepapers, blogs, events, courses, and other materials. We gather information on our website visitors to assist you in identifying potential clients and customers. As an Inside Sales professional, it is your responsibility to initiate contact and arrange follow-up meetings with the sales team in the Netherlands and beyond.



This is your dream job if...

  • You possess exceptional communication skills that can aid in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients.
  • You have a strong passion for sales and are highly motivated to achieve positive outcomes.
  • You possess a desire to work in a fast-paced, multicultural environment and thrive under pressure.


This is not your dream job if...

  • You lack confidence in cold-calling and initiating contact with potential clients.
  • You are not comfortable with the concept of data and AI and its impact on business practices.
  • You are unable to communicate effectively in both Dutch and English.




We organize amazing events; like skiing together or going to Ibiza, dinner and/or theme-parties, sportweeks, our own MUD or TED events… or organize your own event! The sky is the limit.

Training Budget

A real training budget of €5,000, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year.

Your Devices and Books

Choose the laptop and phone you want! And on top of that, you can choose new devices every 2 year. You will also have the advantage of an unlimited budget for ordering the books you need to grow as professional.

Conferences and Speaking

Attending and speaking at relevant worldwide conferences doesn’t come out of your vacation time.

Knowledge Sharing

Our Open Kitchens, bi-weekly knowledge exchanges, Innovation Days, frequent tech-rallies, and TED-style conferences, all contribute to exploring and achieving your potential, individually and collectively as Xebians.

Great Community

In addition to internal knowledge sharing, Xebia is also an active player in multiple communities and regularly host, speak, attend, and organize Meetups and conferences. Have an idea for a meetup we should sponsor? Or want to start a new one? You’ve got it. Knowledge sharing is a core value for us.

People First

You grow. We grow. Xebia puts People First, always. With a trust on personal and professional development Xebia provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Sharing Knowledge

The more you share it, the more it grows. With mandatory bi-weekly sessions of Xebia Knowledge Exchange, Xebia ensures a flow of knowledge from country to country, unit to unit and employee to employee.

Customer Intimacy

We build long lasting relationships with our customers and serve them on an equal level.. We work on common goals and trust, by being truly interested in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently.

Quality without Compromise

Be it work, be it personal interactions, be it the surroundings or be it the self, at Xebia 100% is the norm. Because enough is just not enough.