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Careers at Xebia

Lead Salesforce Consultant


Lead Salesforce Consultant

Xebia Salesforce

As Xebia continues to expand globally, we are in search of a Lead Salesforce Consultant who can bring their expertise and consultancy skills to the table. Our team of 15 consultants based in the Netherlands work hand-in-hand with our team of 100 in India to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our team in India consists of both consultants and developers who work together to create and own industry solutions. With their expertise and experience, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

At Xebia Salesforce, we are passionate about empowering mission-driven organizations to harness the power of technology with Salesforce. We are proud to work with a diverse range of non-profit clients, helping them to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the world. Whether they need help with donor management, program tracking, volunteer management or reducing CO2 footprint, we have the expertise to help them achieve their goals.

As a consultant you can join our team of experts who have a deep understanding of the non-profit sector and are committed to delivering solutions that are both effective and affordable. You will have the opportunity to work on projects that make a real difference in the world, while also developing your skills and expertise in Salesforce.

We are looking for individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact and want to be part of a team that shares this passion. If you have at least five years of consultancy experience of which at least three years in Salesforce projects and are looking for an opportunity to use your skills to make a difference, then Xebia Salesforce is the perfect place for you.

How your skills and passion will come to life at Xebia:

Lead the project team:

We're looking for a Project Lead who can lead a team like a boss! You'll need to be able to handle both small teams and large ones, with or without a megaphone. You'll have to have an eagle-eye view of the project, like a superhero, and ensure that the final deliverable is of the highest quality. And if you can do all that while juggling flaming torches, well, we won't complain!

You'll also be the liaison between our team and third-party vendors, so you'll need to be a master of diplomacy and negotiation. And if you can convince them to throw in a few extra apps for free, we'll be even more impressed!

But don't worry, you won't be doing all of this alone. You'll be working with a team of talented consultants who will be looking up to you as a mentor.

Excellent consulting skills

We're looking for a consultant who can consult like a pro! You'll need to be experienced in agile working, like a ninja, and able to talk to clients at all levels, from the C-suite to the interns. You'll need to be a master of business analysis and process mapping, able to create technical designs that developers will love.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. You'll also need to know when to escalate, like a superhero calling for backup. And if you can identify new opportunities with existing clients, we'll be even more impressed!

Impress with pre-sales

We're looking for a pre-sales superstar who can dazzle potential clients like a magician! You'll be working with our sales team, representing our company and showing off our solutions to potential clients. You'll need to be polished and professional, like a model walking the runway.

But it's not just about looking good. You'll also need to be able to give demos that will knock their socks off, like a rockstar performing for a sold-out crowd. And if you can give accurate estimates that will seal the deal for our sales team, we'll be even more impressed!


You’re a master at:

  • The Salesforce platform and can prove this with an Admin & Platform Builder certification and at least two other Salesforce Cloud certifications (like Sales, Service, Marketing, Experience or Non-profit)

  • Getting projects delivered

  • Mentoring colleagues

  • Business analysis

  • Professional-level Dutch and English, both written and spoken


Nice if you also have:

  • experience in working with international teams

  • non-profit experience

The Xebia Salesforce Way

Xebia operates on three distinct principles: Authority, Focus and Values. These principles guide every decision made by both management and staff. Authority means becoming the best in our field, individually and as a company. It’s an audacious goal that keeps us striving and fighting. We only hire people who have achieved authority, not for growth, open positions, size or value.

Respect & self-empowerment

At Xebia, we treat each other with respect, cooperation, and a view towards creating an enthusiastic, self-empowered, dynamic working community. Our culture exudes creativity and ambition, and our colleagues share an insatiable thirst for knowledge. 

Like-minded colleagues

You’ll find like-minded colleagues at the forefront of their fields with the courage to veer from the beaten path; they are the people who put organizations into motion.

This is your dream job if...

  • Love to geek out on Salesforce, have multiple certifications for it and have a passion for technology

  • Enjoy solving complex puzzles

  • Want to work collaboratively with a team of talented professionals to make a real impact in the non-profit sector

  • Have the ambition to grow towards a lead consultant role

  • Like to share knowledge and expertise, both inside and outside the company

This is not your dream job if...

  • Want to be chained to the same desk every day

  • Enjoy being micromanaged and told what to do

  • You do not have a professional understanding of Dutch & English, both written and spoken

  • Don't have an entrepreneurial spirit and are allergic to innovation

  • Don't care whether your work contributes to making a positive impact or not


What we offer

While we primarily work on location for our customers, we are a very close team of professionals that work together on exciting challenges. We value team cohesion, knowledge and personal development, innovation, and fun. We strive for authority in everything that we do. At most companies you’ll see similar statements, but at Xebia, we back this up with concrete benefits.

  • Competitive salary
  • Pension plan
  • Extended insurance
  • A real training budget of €5,000 and six days, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year
  • Company car for consulting roles
  • Choose your laptop (once every 24 months) and phone

People First

You grow. We grow. Xebia puts People First, always. With a trust on personal and professional development Xebia provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Sharing Knowledge

The more you share it, the more it grows. With mandatory bi-weekly sessions of Xebia Knowledge Exchange, Xebia ensures a flow of knowledge from country to country, unit to unit and employee to employee.

Customer Intimacy

We build long lasting relationships with our customers and serve them on an equal level.. We work on common goals and trust, by being truly interested in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently.

Quality without Compromise

Be it work, be it personal interactions, be it the surroundings or be it the self, at Xebia 100% is the norm. Because enough is just not enough.